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Hello Everyone!  I am happy to welcome you to my website and I hope you enjoy being here!

I am a professional designer and have been working in Design and IT for about 17 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the State Engineering University of Armenia and have recently earned my Master’s degree in Microeconomics from Armenian State University of Economics.

My early career has been concentrated in print and graphic design at different publishing and advertising agencies of Armenia. Later on, I emerged into the web design field and became the creator of the very first websites on the Armenian web.

I love art and creative manifestations of it. It has always been an important element in my works. No wonder, a huge proportion of my portfolio includes art-centric websites and I can’t describe the pleasure I had working on those websites. Along with this, I also have quite a bit of experience in creating business-centric and governmental websites, as well as software systems and web-portals.

In the scope of my work, my background in computer science and economics is what I consider an invaluable asset as it helps me combine the three most essential elements in design- Style, Marketability and Usability. With this approach to my work, I have designed a range of software systems, players and widgets, social networking tools and business websites. Meanwhile, another field where I successfully utilize my technical and economical background is IT Management. I have been a Team Leader and Project Manager in the planning, development and implementation of a range of IT projects carried out by leading software companies in Armenia. Thank you for visiting my website. I will be happy to work with you. Any comments, questions or suggestions are very welcome!

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